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Let me start by saying that I love winter.  My love of cold weather is surpassed only by my extremely intense loathing of the miserable, humid, Virginia summer weather.  The more snow the better, I say.  However, my love of winter weather is plagued by a constant quest to keep warm.  My office is usually about 60 degrees and I wear fingerless gloves all day, like some character straight out of a Dickens novel.  My quasi-undergound apartment with heat vents in the ceiling is no help, either.  All that to say, my search for warm, attractive sweaters in great quantities doesn’t end until spring.

I have just fallen in love with this number from Boden:

Image via bodenusa.com

I love it so much that I seriously contemplated purchasing it despite the pricey price tag.  I *think* I may be able to recreate it myself, though.  I could use this lovely pattern (already in my queue) as a starting point.  Then it would be a matter of eliminating the waist gathers, doing garter stitch instead of stockinette stitch, finding some similar cable patterns, and modifying the neck.

I’m not usually one to go “off pattern”, other than the occasional sleeve length modification, so this feels quite ambitious to me.  We’ll see if I feel confident enough to attempt it.  Maybe I’ll just go ahead and buy the yarn just in case we get a lot of snow this year.

Do you like to do things by the book or do you enjoy the challenge of creating something completely from scratch?  Where to you get your inspiration?