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Have you ever had grand intentions about handmade holiday gifts and suddenly found yourself two weeks out from the big day with a to-do list greatly disproportionate to the amount of time for doing?  No worries – here are some handmade gift ideas that are super quick and can probably be made with leftover yarn in your stash!

image via amygaines.etsy.com

Not only are these ornaments by Amy Gaines super cute, they are super quick.  Check out her site for more patterns.

image via annaboohouse.blogspot.com

Gorgeous lace votives from Annaboo House.  Very unique and quick to make (I hope – my sister wants us to make a ton of these for her wedding….)

image via cocoknits.com

If you haven’t waited until the very last minute, these Prairie Boots by Julie Weisenberger would be perfect for someone who likes to stay at home in sweatpants, drink chai, and re-read Jane Eyre during the winter months.  (Yes, that is me.  I’m even more of a hermit in winter).

image via marthastewart.com

Hand painted mugs like these by Martha Stewart are pretty impressive, and also pretty easy if you’ve got a steady hand.

image via designmom.com

Even easier is this version by Design Mom – you just need a ceramic paint pen.

image via bakedperfection.com

And who doesn’t like getting homemade treats?  These Baked S’mores by Baked Perfection are SO GOOD.  Like, crazy good.  No joke.

image via marthastewart.com

You wouldn’t think that Martha Stewart would come up with an easy recipe, but this Winter Bark is incredibly simple to make.  Can you melt chocolate chips in the microwave?  Because that is pretty much all you have to do.

image via ramenneedles.com

And finally, if you have a “special” person on your list who really enjoys internet memes, the Nyan Cat Scarf by Kelly Freeman would certainly fit the bill.

Happy crafting – if all else fails, there’s always Starbuck’s gift cards!  Are you making  any gifts this year?  Do people look forward to your glorious crafts or do they politely smile while secretly wishing you had never found that “How to Knit” booklet?  Do you even care?